Friday, 31 May 2013

My first Glossybox!

A week ago I received my first Glossybox and have decided to do a little review on some of the products that I loved and some not to much. I was very exited and anxious to receive my Glossybox because, it lets you test out new products that are not yet available to perches. However, I had no clue what it will contain. 

 As everyone probably knows the products come in a very nice pink box, that I think is just adorable. The little pink box contained six products, it contained a face cream, a mascara, eye-shadow primer, a pack of mini nail files and a nail polish.. The product that I was most exited about was the nail polish, the one that I got was in a sandy nude, badge colour, I have to say it looks lovely but it made my hands look washed out. All products looked lovely and had very pretty, eye catching packaging.

The first product that I tested out was the "Headline Colour, poolside party nail polish'', no surprise there. Like I mentioned it already it did make my arms look quit pale and washed out but, it is a very lovely colour that is great for a day time look or even a class event. It has a gorgeous glossy finish and has a nice thick consistency that doest take to long to dry. Like it says on the packaging, you do need two layers to get the perfect finish, the fist coat creates the base and the second coat will creates the glossy finish. There are quit a few different colours available, but its limited, and there are different collections realised during different periods of the year. The nail polishes are free of toxins and contain four different plasticisers that create the glossy finish and they are also water and detergent resistant. The product is currently on the market for £9, witch I think is a descent amount for a long lasting nail vanish.

If you want read more information click the link.
headline colors

The wand is plastic and has fine bristles in a spiral form.
My favourite product from the Glossybox was the "Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara''.  It does what it says on the packaging, its light and long lasting, I think its great for the summer and everyday use, it gives some definition and elongates the lashes without any clumps. The mascara claims to be ''waterproof'' however, I found that it washes of quit easily. The one thing that I disliked was the fact that it was quit rubbery, by the end of the day it very elastic and easy to rub off. Over all I was please with the product but am still debating if I would perches is later. I  wouldn't recommend it to anyone who likes a lot of volume and length and its very light, but it would be great for young girls or, on the lazy days where you don't feel like wearing a lot of make-up. The mascara is sold for £15, witch is an average value of some drug-store brands. However, even though I loved it, I don't think I would spend £15 pound on this particular mascaras, as I have very fine and short eyelashes.And because the wand has very fine bristles it separates the lashes making it seem like I have no eyelashes, witch is not a good look.

You read more about the mascara by clicking the link.
jelly pong pong fairy lashes mascara

I believe with every Glossybox you have a fragrance related product, this month I was please with the tester that I received. The product consists of three different element , a shower gel, a lotion and a little perfume sample by Fleur de Figuier. All product have a lovely summery sent, not too sweet or florally, just right. The shower gel is "soap-free'' and "plant based'', witch is beneficial for your skin. The product is very hydrating due to the ''Shea butter'' and has a lovely foam constancy. The three different product are very hydrating and have a lovely smell. However, I don't believe its worth £13 for a body lotion as there are so many other branded, fragrance body lotions on the market. But I would be willing to pay £32 for the Eau Frainche perfume, for a 100 ml bottle, as I thought the smell was lovely and long lasting.

You can read more about the product on there official web page.
Fleur de Figuier

The Glossybox contained a few other products, but I don't think I have tested them enough. I hope you enjoyed my blog and it has help you in some way. If you have any questions or general comments, fell free to leave them below and I will reply as soon as possible. This is my opinion on the product, there has been many mix reviews on the product above.

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