Friday, 21 June 2013

Face wash

The week is finally coming to a close and the weekend is near so why not relax and pamper yourself with a easy home made face wash. Your skin goes through a lot in the day and needs a good cleans once in a while. This is a very simple and gentle scrub, to wash of any dirt and leave your face soft and feeling fresh. All you will need is a tea spoon, sugar, some lemon or organic lemon juice and a cotton pad. Lemons are full of AHS's (alpha hydroxide acids) and BHA's (Bate hydroxide acids) witch remove dead skin cells, this helps make you look younger and cleaner also it helps remove black heads, acne, freckles, spots and discolouration. Sugar also helps remove dead skin cells and make your face smooth.
 I do this face wash 2-3 times a week. All you have to do is squeeze some lemon juice on the cotton pad and sprinkle some sugar on top, and before you start scrubbing make sure to wash your face with some warm water, as it will help to open all the pores. 

June's Glossy box

Like last month I was very exited to get my June's glossy box, this month I received a few different items...

I was very pleased with this months glossy box mostly because it had a hair conditioner. I take care of my hair and love testing out new products, my hair very curly and tangle and I straighten it quit frequently. Over all my hair get very damaged from all the heating and styling and am always on the look out for product that will decrease the amount of damage made. The "Organic Surge'' is one of the best affordable conditioner ever, it left my hair shiny and smooth, I can just put my fingers straight through. It does what it says on the packaging which I love! However, the smell was rather unpleasant, this was the biggest disappointment and I would only repurchase the product if there were other seances available. Saying that, the product does wonders to my hair, and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or silicones witch can dull and weight your hair down.

Like I have previously mentioned all product work differently for everyone and this is my hones opinion, thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

5 random fact about me ♥

1. I am the worst procrastinator ever! I leave everything until the last minute, in school I would leave most of my homework until the last day but, I would stay up all nigh to do it, so that its the best in my class. But it also means that am sleeping through most of my lessons that day.

2. I like to day dream a lot and make up situations in my head that will probably never  happen.

3. I tend to talk to my self a lot, and NO am not crazy just do it for some random reason, we all done at least once.

4. I hate mushrooms, onions and carrots, but I still eat carrots cause there good for you.

5. I am one of the laziest people ever, I hate waking up early, but I will stay up till 2 am on my laptop mostly watching videos, nothing too important. 

5 favourite British YouTuber

There are so many You-tubers and picking only 5 was very difficult, all of these youtubers are quit close and well know. England is a small country therefore they know each other well and collaborate a lot.

1.  Zoe (zoella280390)
Zoe is one favourite youtuber, she does fashion and make-up videos witch are a lot of fun to watch. And she has a great group of friends that are also youtubers witch I absolutely love but the list would be endless than.

2. Jack and Fin
I think most girls will know these youtube sensations, everybody loves them they make very funny videos and there twins, who doesn't love twins?! Not to mention that they are very handsome young men.

3. Louise (sprinkle of glitter)
She is best friends with Zoe and she if one of the funniest inspirational youtubers ever, she also does make-up and fashion videos and, mummy videos.

4. Sam Pepper
He is another funny youtuber he does mostly pranks, witch I have to say are hilarious, just go watch his videos!

5. FleurDeForce
Like most female youtubers she does make-up and fashion videos and, currently she's doing wedding videos because she's getting married.

Jack and Fin
Sprinkle of Glitter
Sam Pepper

Friday, 14 June 2013


Until today I was still in High School, I finished a while ago but still had my final GCSE exams to do. Today I finally finished all my exams, hopefully all the hard work pays of at the end. High School was a good experience, I wasn't the popular kid or anything I was just there, I keep't to myself but made so many good friend over the 5 years. I hated school a lot especially the uniforms, but I had an amazing experience. It was a lot of hard work and most things I will never need but without school I would have never known what it was if I ever came across it. When I was younger we moved a lot so I never went to school properly because of the changes I missed a lot and had a lot to catch up to. Over my 16 years on this planet, high school was the only stable education I ever received, so I did a lot of work, I did mess about sometimes but that's everyone!
 If your still in school enjoy and good luck!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What terrifies you?

Everyone is scared of something but, not everyone admits it. There are so many things that scare me some are very simple and common some are more "deep" than other. One thing that scares me the most are SPIDERS! I don't see the point of there existence, there creepy and disgusting. But saying that, I also believe that its bad luck to kill a spider, in conclusion I don't kill spiders myself! If I see a spider in my room, I will not sleep there until its taken away or killed. Once, a spider ran across my room I started screaming and shouting and told my dad to find it, but he couldn't so he had to sleep in my room for a few nights as I was to scared. There has been a few times that I walked into spiders and they have brought me nightmares for a few nights. But I don't actually have a big phobia of them I just find them really disgusting and scary. Another thing that scares me is DEATH and things that related to it, like hospitals and cemeteries. Its not the fact that were going to die but am scared how it will happen and how it will feel. Death is so sudden and can happen any day, any time to anyone... And every-time I enter a hospital it gives me chills and I just remember that life's are lost every second. And one last thing that scared me is DROWNING or anything that prevent you from breathing and every time am on a boat or a ferry I thing Titanic 2 is going to happen. 
There are so many more things that am scared of but we'll keep that for a different day... 
I always over think things that's why am so scared of them, witch is so confusing.

If by any chance you read my blog you'll know that I forgot to blog yesterday, my apologies but to make up for that am posting to random blogs today! So enjoy and leave any comments if you have any questions and what you want me to blog about. 

10 facts about me...

1. My birthday is  December 28th 1996.

2.For my GCSE's I studied Art, Textiles, Food Technology, and the usual Maths, Science and English. And my favourite subject was Travel and tourism but it was a BTEC.

3.I love drawing and have painted my own room.
This is above my bead and you see as soon as you enter my room.
4. I'm originally from Lithuania but live in London!
I love black and whit photography
5.Even though I have chihuahua named Stella my favourite animal is a horse. I have been in love with horses since I can remember and am still hoping to have one, one day.
I drew this on my wall.
6. Orhidea's and red roses are my favourite flowers.
7. I love travelling and want to travel the world one day.

8. I love cooking and cleaning and cant stand when there's a mess in the house but, I refuse to clean my room until there's no room to stand. But when I do clean it, it stays clean for a long time.

9. My favourite car is a convertible beetle in red.
10. I love dancing and did ballet for 3 year and regret quitting it.