Friday, 14 June 2013


Until today I was still in High School, I finished a while ago but still had my final GCSE exams to do. Today I finally finished all my exams, hopefully all the hard work pays of at the end. High School was a good experience, I wasn't the popular kid or anything I was just there, I keep't to myself but made so many good friend over the 5 years. I hated school a lot especially the uniforms, but I had an amazing experience. It was a lot of hard work and most things I will never need but without school I would have never known what it was if I ever came across it. When I was younger we moved a lot so I never went to school properly because of the changes I missed a lot and had a lot to catch up to. Over my 16 years on this planet, high school was the only stable education I ever received, so I did a lot of work, I did mess about sometimes but that's everyone!
 If your still in school enjoy and good luck!

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