Wednesday, 5 June 2013

10 facts about me...

1. My birthday is  December 28th 1996.

2.For my GCSE's I studied Art, Textiles, Food Technology, and the usual Maths, Science and English. And my favourite subject was Travel and tourism but it was a BTEC.

3.I love drawing and have painted my own room.
This is above my bead and you see as soon as you enter my room.
4. I'm originally from Lithuania but live in London!
I love black and whit photography
5.Even though I have chihuahua named Stella my favourite animal is a horse. I have been in love with horses since I can remember and am still hoping to have one, one day.
I drew this on my wall.
6. Orhidea's and red roses are my favourite flowers.
7. I love travelling and want to travel the world one day.

8. I love cooking and cleaning and cant stand when there's a mess in the house but, I refuse to clean my room until there's no room to stand. But when I do clean it, it stays clean for a long time.

9. My favourite car is a convertible beetle in red.
10. I love dancing and did ballet for 3 year and regret quitting it.

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