Wednesday, 19 June 2013

5 favourite British YouTuber

There are so many You-tubers and picking only 5 was very difficult, all of these youtubers are quit close and well know. England is a small country therefore they know each other well and collaborate a lot.

1.  Zoe (zoella280390)
Zoe is one favourite youtuber, she does fashion and make-up videos witch are a lot of fun to watch. And she has a great group of friends that are also youtubers witch I absolutely love but the list would be endless than.

2. Jack and Fin
I think most girls will know these youtube sensations, everybody loves them they make very funny videos and there twins, who doesn't love twins?! Not to mention that they are very handsome young men.

3. Louise (sprinkle of glitter)
She is best friends with Zoe and she if one of the funniest inspirational youtubers ever, she also does make-up and fashion videos and, mummy videos.

4. Sam Pepper
He is another funny youtuber he does mostly pranks, witch I have to say are hilarious, just go watch his videos!

5. FleurDeForce
Like most female youtubers she does make-up and fashion videos and, currently she's doing wedding videos because she's getting married.

Jack and Fin
Sprinkle of Glitter
Sam Pepper

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