Sunday, 2 June 2013

Every day is a new adventure...

Everyday is a privilege and we should take advantage of it. We only live once so why do we waist so much time feeling down?
Some of the pictures come from this website!
The month has just started, so take this as an advantage and make the most of it. Face your fears and do something new and challenging. I have so many regrets and unhappy memories but, I still put on a brave face on and live my life to the full. So take this month to think about yourself and how you want to improve, maybe you want to travel, start the gym or do something CRAZY like bungy jumping. I say do it! And why not do this every month, write yourself a goal at the start of every month and full fill your dreams. 
So I hope you enjoyed my random blog today. Its a short one and not very exiting, but I thought I need to discus this as there are so many people like myself that want to do things but, are to scared and make excuses every time to avoid new adventures, so go on smile and and do something new!
Thanks for reading!

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