Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What terrifies you?

Everyone is scared of something but, not everyone admits it. There are so many things that scare me some are very simple and common some are more "deep" than other. One thing that scares me the most are SPIDERS! I don't see the point of there existence, there creepy and disgusting. But saying that, I also believe that its bad luck to kill a spider, in conclusion I don't kill spiders myself! If I see a spider in my room, I will not sleep there until its taken away or killed. Once, a spider ran across my room I started screaming and shouting and told my dad to find it, but he couldn't so he had to sleep in my room for a few nights as I was to scared. There has been a few times that I walked into spiders and they have brought me nightmares for a few nights. But I don't actually have a big phobia of them I just find them really disgusting and scary. Another thing that scares me is DEATH and things that related to it, like hospitals and cemeteries. Its not the fact that were going to die but am scared how it will happen and how it will feel. Death is so sudden and can happen any day, any time to anyone... And every-time I enter a hospital it gives me chills and I just remember that life's are lost every second. And one last thing that scared me is DROWNING or anything that prevent you from breathing and every time am on a boat or a ferry I thing Titanic 2 is going to happen. 
There are so many more things that am scared of but we'll keep that for a different day... 
I always over think things that's why am so scared of them, witch is so confusing.

If by any chance you read my blog you'll know that I forgot to blog yesterday, my apologies but to make up for that am posting to random blogs today! So enjoy and leave any comments if you have any questions and what you want me to blog about. 

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